Friday, 28 January 2011

Language Authority....

In today's lecture J.B was talking about how people use their own language when talking about a subject matter which seems to give them a sense of authority. In other words "Look I know the terminolgy about this subject which means I know what I am talking about and you don't, which means I know best" or something to that extent.
But in actual fact, us designers, whilst it is good for us to have all this terminology when communicating with likewise designers. Its not a good way with communicating with clients as they do not share the same knowlegde of the subject and see designs in a different way from us.
So when handling a client it is better to talk "their" language in terms of design from their point of view, rather than our own.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Who gets to decide....

When something is compiled, for example a book of the 100 most greatest designs, whom gets to decide what designs are good and what are bad? Where do they establish these opinions?
The "whom" part is very important because is a list like this more valuable when one person is compiling it, or does it just make that list valid to that said person. Or is it better when a variety of people are making it up, but then, comprimise is involved would that make it less value to others in the group. People are bound to disagree with some of the decisions made, making it not a very accurate list.
I dont believe that one persons opinion should be valued more than anybody elses.
So when it comes to these "lists" I think people should just make them up for yourself, that way it has alot more meaning for you.
Personally, when it comes to establishing where peoples opinions originate and form from I think it has to do with numerous amounts of enviromental factors such as the people they are surrounded by, what someone else has wrote on a particular subject matter, how they are brought up etc.
But I also believe that these opinions can be changed as whether most of us would like to admit it or not we are influenced by what is done and said around us consciously and subconsciously.

Professional email address...

I think the great J.B was right in friday's lecture about getting a professional email address, which is why I think that I need to get one. Especially as my current one is which isnt exactly "professional" but I think its alot better than something like which is fine for an email address to have between friends but perhaps maybe not collegues and potential employers.