Thursday, 5 July 2012

Its the little things in life...

I have never been much of a materalistic person, I usually only want just enough to get by. To me, its the little things in life that mean a lot, such as your partner telling you everyday that they love you.

Love alone is one of the best presents you can get and its priceless! Worth infinity times more than any latest apple venture, latest designer dress or a car etc. These things don't matter. They can make life easier in some respects I will agree.

I was chatting with my mum a few nights ago now and we were just discussing how when she was my age around 35 years ago, she wore her work clothes to her nights out, she only had one pair of tights and if it ripped she had to buy a new pair a cut the leg off the new pair to make them last longer. And I was thinking to myself in todays society, people my age would never dream being caught dead on a night out wearing there work stuff!! But the thing we noticed as we were chatting, is yes "back in the day" they had very little in the way of possessions but they were alot happier, they didn't need these things cause everyone was pretty much in the same boat. Whereas today we have alot more of this meaningless stuff, which supposedly makes us happy but the truth is, I don't think it really does. Do you? Some are in constant competition with each other, who has the best clothes? who has the fanciest car? nicest house?

But in reality.... WHO CARES!

Its like all of these reality tv programmes, what is the point in them? Why watch others living there day to day lives, you should be out there living yours! Rather than sat on your arse watching some stranger live there life! I suppose apart of me finds it slightly creepy how obsessed people can become with these programmes. You only live once, so live your life, stop living life through someone else!

Experiences in life are worth living for! Get out there! Do things you have never tried before! Conquer your fears do something that scares the pants off you, but you will feel so proud once you have done it! Go swimming with sharks, go rock climbing, go paragliding and go on roller coasters as life is like one, it has its ups and downs but you have to make the most of it whilst your still here. Do not live to regret.

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