Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A little surprise...

I was reading an article on wikipedia about plus size models, I was trying to find out why plus size got its name as I do not find it to be a particularly great way for describing the curvier woman. Also towards the end of the article it went on to say about the critisms of plus size models and it said this:

"acceptance of a plus size model sets a poor health example regarding weight management."

Well from what I have seen on the television, the web and advertisments regarding plus size, the women modelling do not look like they have any weight issues. They actually look like slim, regular sized, real women.
I disagree with the statement. I think in some respects they are more of a role model that your regular sized models, cause not everyone can be a size 4. Even my skinniest of friends that eat healthy and exercise regularly and nowhere near that. It shows that you should be confident and healthy in your own skin and accept the body shape and size you have when you try and take care of yourself properly without having to go on any crazy diet to attain a skinny almost skeletal look.

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