Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fat Vs Thin

Who will win the battle? Fat Versus Thin. Both are not ideal, yet one is aspired to the other is not.

Why do we have such a pressure to look a certain way?
I stick to believing that size shouldn't matter as much as happiness does.
In the above image, I feel that there is only one image that is okay but still a bit too thin in my eyes  ( Second from the left )the rest are unhealthy ideals.
The body is a beautful thing, that should be enjoyed, not something that can bring you down because it is not "perfect".
Learn to love all your imperfections because they are what make you, well... you!
Stretch marks,  scars, burns, double chins galore, they are part of you and what makes you unique, special and beautiful in your own way!
I used to cringe looking at my imperfections, I thought they were disgusting, could not stand the sight of them, but one day I woke up and realised that they are part of what makes me. I accepted them and thought of them as being special and unique to me. I am now the most confident I have ever felt in my body and I am loving it!

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