Sunday, 7 October 2012

Lady Gaga Inspiration...

Recently I read an article regarding our one and only Lady Gaga! Surprise, surprise, she is yet again wanting to challenge preconceptions. That is what I love about her!
Her new fad, so to speak is called body revolution and it is where Miss Gaga is delibrately putting on weight to show her "little monsters" to be body confident. In other words to "to love the skin your in" , yes,  I stole that from the dove advert but I feel it is rather fitting in this context.
Body image is a serious issue in todays society with most women aspiring to have the perfect hour glass figure but in reality most of us do not have that and therefore feel we do not measure up to what is considered beautiful. But the thing is, we are! Just cause we do not fit the steriotype society dictates we must does'nt make us any less beautiful and the most important thing is, you should never let anyone make you feel anything less than the beauty you are.
Being different is what Lady Gaga wants us to embrace and quite rightfully so, we should.

Here is an image of the curvier, and in my honest opinion, healthier and sexier looking Lady Gaga.

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