Sunday, 17 October 2010

Life is just one "BIG" curve

On Friday morning, I felt that Mike Press, made a very valid, yet interesting point about the Sigmoid Curve. He refered to it as " the meaning of life". And on some level, the more I began to interpret and question the points he was making, the more I began to agree with what he was saying.
Before Friday I had never heard of the Sigmoid Curve as maths has never been my forte. He showed in various examples,  how at some point we will reach our peak at whatever the given subject matter, then decline.
It also relates  to the book "The tipping Point" By Malcolm Gladwell about the emphasis how things reach an epedemic peak, then they decline. At the same time it reminds me of the the cliche saying "what comes up, must come down".
I never thought something as simple as a mathematical curve would be a reasonable explaination to one of lifes most philosophical questions...

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