Thursday, 28 October 2010

Once upon a time...

I feel obliged to share with you, a short story that my dad told me, that means a lot to me and has helped me when necessary.
It is a story about a king, whom is given a gift. The gift in question is a ring. Enscrypted inside the ring were the words "It will pass". The king was instructed to look at this ring when things in his kingdom were going really well or when matters were in a state of devestating sorrow.
This was to remind him that no matter how bad things may seem or how good things may seem, it will pass and you will eventually move on to new pastures.
I think this story can really help with everyones lifes, especially to try enable us to try and keep level headed about a situation.


  1. Thats good advice Sarah. My mum said the same sort of thing to me . Can I just say that I find the text on your blog a bit hard to read, it looks a bit fuzzy but that may be my eyesight?x

  2. Hi Sarah,
    thank you, you know that this helped me the other night but also what was so awesome was that you thought of me to let me know. You're a cracking girl :)