Monday, 8 November 2010

Assessment 2

I decided with this assignment to research more into types of people as that is what the chapter of the law of the few in "The Tipping Point" is concerned with. It made me first think, why do we associate certain things with certain people, which then was followed on by why do we feel like we have to label people. Then I decided to try and look into if there was anything that could be done to challenge our own pre-conceptions. Some of the research that I did was rather interesting as apparently our pre-conceptions are to do with what we have been initially taught about a certain subject matter so the only way it seems to change this is to try and address the intital understanding of a subject matter.
The most interesting points that I discovered however, were to do with why we label people, looking in to this gave me a wider scope into the matter. It seems that we label to mark differences/distinctions and it can also mean to name something as things have to named in order for it to be known. However other reasons that I found about why we labeled people include, to be protected in some sense, to be accepted, some choose to be labelled, or maybe it is to better understand ourselves and then eventually all of this can make you question... does individuality even exist?
My answer at the moment, is no. We are all like one another in one sense, whether we would like to accept this fact or not. We may have certain quirks or characteristics that in our opinion make us "different" I will not dispute that but at the end of the day we are all human so we are not that much "different" from each other, most of us share similar personality traits to the ones our friends have, sometimes we are guilty of even conforming too much in order for our so-called friends to accept us, but if they are you real friends.... Should they not just accept  you for who you are rather than because
 you share the same "label"? Its a nice thought that isn't being accepted for who you are, but unfortunately alot of the time this isnt the case. As most of us tend to change our personalities depending on who we are with, for example most people act differently around there friends than they would do around their parents. Which can make you question... Which one is actually the REAL you?

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