Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday Lecture's Reflection Time....

After a rather inspiring talk given by jewellery designer Hazel White, an aspect which I picked up on that I found to be a particularly clever idea was when she was talking about an object called "Hamefarer's kist". To try an explain this object, I would say it works as sort of memory box. It has little knitted pieces held within and when you move the pieces to a certain bit of the box, on the top lid of the box, photographs appear of  a loved one, that is associated with that particular piece. It was said to be really good for long distance relationships, for example a grandmother living in the Shetlands getting up-to-date pictures of her grandchildren who were perhaps living in the United States.
Here is an image I found on the net of this device:

A nine year old boy explaining how the Hamefarers Kist works to the older woman.

For me personally I would like to use this device to see what was happening with my dad's relatives in australia whom we have only met a couple of times. As unless we by some stroke of luck win the lottery, it will be very unlikely that we will ever be able to go over and visit them, so for me this would be a very good tool of visual communication almost, to see some of the exciting things that are happening in their lives.

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