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Assigment 1... Snooping Around...

The Johari Window

Known to SelfNot Known to Self
Known to OthersOpenBlind
Not Known to OthersHiddenUnknown
The Johari Window was named after the first names combined of both its inventors.
This “Window” Helps to try and explain to an extent human interaction in these quadrants.
Open Quadrant- explains things that I know about myself and that others know, both factual and emotional.
Blind Quadrant- this shows what others know about me, that I am unconscious of.
Hidden Quadrant- this represents what I know about myself but others do not. Unless you tell them.
Unknown Quadrant- This is when we do not know something about ourselves and neither does anybody else.
This Model of Human Interaction will come in useful when attempting to decipher different things about my partnet for assignment one. In particular I think the Open and Blind Quadrants.
However I feel that with “snooping” within other people’s possession’s however it might give you a slight insight, it will not tell you everything there is to know about this person. And even with making assumptions about certain objects that you spy you can be way off what your instinct thinks about this person.
Looking at people’s things and trying to figure out what they are like, is entirely guess work. However I think that it will become clearer when you discuss with the person about certain objects to help give you a better insight, as there are stories that may go along with some objects.
Such as some things might be borrowed, gifts, sentimental and more.
Evidence in pictures may be tainted as people will on show what they want you to see, not necessarily unloading any proper truths about themselves as they may find this uncomfortable to with a complete stranger.

On the shelf there appears to be what looks like a weight loss book/leaflet. Which suggests to me that the said person is trying to lose weight the now most probably as it is lying out or it is maybe going to get used in the near future.
The weight loss also could highlight conscientiousness when it comes to body image.
However it should be taken into consideration that they might be living with another person or that this item may have been given by a friend or it is meant to be given to friend.
Semi-skimmed milk (rather than say its more fattening counter part whole milk) is lying out on the counter would help support the weight loss hypothesis for the said person to be a present subject matter.
However the disorganised manner in which it appears letters are stored may contradict when I say that this person is conscientious.
If this person is conscientious person I would imagine that they would wear dark colours (possibly mood reflecting) and would dress casually.
Red teapot perhaps a gift? Does not blend in with the rest of the utensils in the kitchen. Or maybe it has sentimental value?
The piece of cake contradicts what I mentioned early what I said about weight loss.
No much of an organisational system when it comes to stationary, which also contradicts my conscientious claim.
Bright colours of things stored on the shelf could suggest maybe that this is a fun person to be around, if these are her possessions and not someone else’s.

Phone on the wall, suggests she likes to communicate with people, which could suggest that she is an extroverted person.
Calendar on the wall suggests that she likes to keep her affairs and events organised and in order.
Ornament on the wall could suggests that she is into crafts and arts.

Here I notice the kettle to be quite a prominent part of the kitchen adjacent to a cup of tea/cofee, so I am assuming that she often enjoys a good cuppa.
Also an assortment of chopping boards suggest that she enjoys to cook, or possible she wishes to learn to cook better.
The red pot on the stove also hints towards the idea of enjoying cooking.
Appliance plugged in and switched on at the wall, when not in use, could imply that she is not particularly environmentally friendly. Or it may just be a coincidence that she forgot or didn’t realise to switch them off before taking the picture.
Celebrations hiding high above on top of the unit, tells me that she likes chocolate but is trying not to give into temptation and is maybe thinking whilst putting them up there, out of sight out of mind.
Putting them in a hard to reach place may also support the weight loss idea.

The cupboard at the far side appears to be filled with books. Since we are in a kitchen and going by the evidence of some of the cooking utensils, I would say that some of it is filled with cookery books which would support my proposition that she is wanting to learn how to cook or to cook better.
A clean sink area could imply that she prides her self with cleanliness and hygiene there is also what looks to be a disinfectant bottle beside the microwave which would support this.
Outside the window, it appears there is some sort of green house which may mean that she is into gardening and plants. There are plants also on the window sill which would aid in defend this argument.

This image here indicates that she likes plants.
I think that the grinder and bowl also assist with the proposal that she likes to cook.
Piece of metal jewellery discarded on the window sill may suggest a lot or little meaning. As if she was washing up she may of taken it off to prevent it from damage or it has just been abandoned and forgotten about.
After meeting up with my partner and discussing our findings, I found it rather interesting how we both managed to make some pretty good assumptions about each other.
For instance, I found it hard to pin point in the photo’s why but I guessed that she did not live alone and it turns out that she lives with her husband and two kids.
I thought that one of her personality traits would be that she was disorganised and was the kind of person that would leave things to the last minute, this was also correct.
I also made an assumption based on the fact I thought in ways she seemed like a conscientious person and that she would be dressed in dull colours, when we met up she was wearing grey and I asked her how she would usually dress and dull colours were her answer.
In addition I guessed that she maybe had cook books in her cupboard I was spot on.
Moreover I assumed that the red teapot was given as a gift as it did not blend in with the rest of the kitchen equipment too well, and that turned out to be a precise hypothesis.
However some things like the cake on the counter surrounded by various different cooking utensils gave me the signal that she maybe interested in baking but it turns out that it was her birthday cake instead.
Furthermore I thought given the amount of plants on the window sill and the greenhouse outside would indicate that she was a keen gardener. It turns out that the plants she was given was a present and she keeps it for sentimental value.
Overall I would say that I have learned that from these picture you can learn a lot about a person from their belongings and their environment. Although I do think that it would be very hard to given an one hundred percent accurate reading about a person, as I have found out from this exercise, it is a guessing game until you get to know more about the person.


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