Sunday, 20 February 2011

Assignment Two... Peoples Perceptions....

 I paired up with some other fellow classmates. We decide that we would each create our own ink blot and ask people what their intial thought of it was. This helped to show how we all think in different ways. In our group we all independently went our separate ways and showed these images to a variety of people. And then reconviened and collectively discussed our findings.
Here are the Ink Blots that we used:

With this ink blot the responses were as follows:
Landscape, Foot, Long sock, Buildings, A woman, Tractor, A pram, Lines-machinery

In this blot the things that were said are as follows:
Coffee, Trees, Landscape, Little Ailiens, Caterpiller, An elephant, Green splat tree or face.

For this one the reply was:
Cells, Body Cells, Raindrops, A game that they used to play that gives you a birds eye view of the world and armies different terrortories, World from a height, Beach, An arrow, Mould.

And last but not least the feedback for this particular ink blot was:
Giraffe, Burned Fire, Animals, Dog, Fish, Koala bears face, Bumble bee, An ardvark, An Animal "weird looking, thats looking at me."

After these responses, it was clear that everyone has their own unique perception of things. So the next part of our experiment at hand we manipulated one of the above images to try and see if we could get all our participants to see the same thing. Here is the image after we manipulated it:

The thought here was we would adjust the image ever so slightly to see if this was able to make everyone see the same thing. The type of answer we were looking for would be something along the lines of: trees, landscape etc
After all the people that I asked, I got a simlar response from all of them. All answered either tree's landscape, foliage or something to do with sunlight peeping through the forestry.

So we manipulated the image further and added text so try and enforce that everyone got the same idea:

Everyone that I spoke to about this image had the impression that it had something to do with saving the trees or forest, which was what our aim was.
I was pleased witht this result as it just helps you to see the power of images and the influence that they can have on peoples perceptions.

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