Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Discussion for Assignment 2....

Today, some of my fellow textiles students and myself discussed the content of "The Rhetoric of the Image" by Roland Barethes. It discusses the three main points about an images. Firstly their is the sort of literal way of looking at it i.e text, slogans etc, then there is a symbolic way of looking at an image (which what your interpretation is), and lastly a non-symbolic meaning which to me suggests more "what you see only" i.e a girl sitting on the ground with a toy in her hand.
     To me the most interesting point out of the three is the symbolic way of looking at an image, as everyone will have the own opinion as to what is going on in the said image. This is why for our assignment we chose to make up ink blots and I am hoping for some exciting results, which show that we all think and see things differently and interpret it in a different manner. But only after the experiment is carried out will I be able to prove or disprove this point.
Even after we had made our random ink blots, we looked at each others, and all of us saw different things in each others ink blots. Although we did notice that once someone said what they could see it sometimes influenced others. This helped us realise that with this experiment we will have to treat all of our participants the same and ask them the same questions and not add our own opinion so as not to influence them in any way which will hopefully keep the experiment kosher.

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