Friday, 18 March 2011

Assignment 4....

For all of my interviews I made sure that, the enviroment was relaxing for them, so to do this I interviewed them in surroundings that they were familiar with.

For instance the first response I got, from a female, aged around 50, was the item she treasure most was a silver watch that she received for her 21st birthday from her mother, who is now no longer with us. She valued this for the sentimental value it possesses.

The second response was from a male, aged also around 50, and the item that he treasured most was the values that his parents had given him. He also treasured his values given their sentimental properties.

The third response I received was from a female, age 21, and the thing she treasured most was her memories. She treasured these for their sentimental values. So losing her memory would be one of the worst things that she could think of to happen to her.

The fourth person I interviewed was female,age 20, and she treasured her laptop most. Reason as to why "cause I can do everything on it". It was also given to her as a gift by her mum and dad.

The kind of responses I got to my interviews varied upon person. No one gave the same answer.
So the conclusion I draw from this is that it depends on what type of person you are, to what things/items you treasure most. But the reason for the item being treasure is normally because of the sentimental value that it holds for them personally as it reminds them of certain person(s) that they hold close to their heart.

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