Sunday, 6 March 2011

Discussion Assignment 3...

As I have casually discussed this with several different people, we all seemed to mainly noticed the same sort of things at the bingo. Etiquette such as for obtaining pound coins for the mini cash you raise your note(s) in the air and the staff come to you and give you the money. Also we discussed the different sort of people we saw at the bingo. All of us seemed to focus into a couple of people that we noticed (that stood out to us) and we obsevered what they did and what their behaviour was. It was apparent to most who were the "regulars" at the bingo and who was "fresh meat".

The behaviour patterns were pretty much the same through out all bingo halls despite even if one is the Mecca Bingo and another is a Carlton Bingo. They all have an identical protocol which everyone follows. The "dress code" was also simmilar, casual/comfy with no real need to keep up with the current trends. If someone had come in smartly dressed up they would most likely stick out like a soar thumb.

On the way home from the cinema, my father and I discussed a book that he was wanting to get me which is relevant to what we are looking at with our observing experiments at the moment. I think it is called the "The Invisible Gorilla" by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons. It is a psychology based book at discusses things such as if a brutal crime was happening right beside us would we notice it? It turns out the answer is probably no, which to me, I find this a little unnerving as I would like to think I would notice if someone was getting mugged or violently attacked, but the case isn't so.

So if this is the case when we are observing we are not going to notice all the important things going on surrounding us. This is probably a good reason why it is better to collaborate with people on observing practices, as others will see things that you will perhaps miss.

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